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golf magazine: the quest for 300 by josh sens

"i was closing in on membership in club 300; if i could just steal 20 more yards.  and what better place to commit white-collar crime than in washington d.c."
"what drew me there was a claim by a clubgolf spokesperson, who told me on the phone, "spend the morning with us, and we'll get you another 30 yards."
".....sure enough, my hips were no longer snoozing on the job and were actually accelerating; my clubhead speed had jumped from 100 to 110 mph."
".....my buddy bombed his drive and shouted, "300 baby!" i fired my hips and flew it past him by 10 yards"

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clubgolf's joy smith wins accolades:

joy smith named teacher of the year for northeast by lpga

golf digest: joy smith selected as a "best teacher in your state"

the washington post: at clubgolf, not your average shot doctors by ryan mink

".....but in the end, like any doctor, clubgolf can cure just about any ill"
"there are other places you can go around the country where someone will look at you physically,...there are other places you can go where you can get golf lessons, there are a few other places ..... that have the indoor facility.  there's no other place around where you can do all three"
".....clubgolf focuses on improving your body as much as your swing"

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pga magazine: husband-wife duo, brendon and patty post earn pga professional national championship berths by bob denney

clubgolf's director of golf, brendon post

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the baltimore sun: getting in the swing by don markus

"everyone from triple-digit weekend hackers to top pga tour pros such as charles howell iii, padraig harrington and rich beem has come through the doors to work on making his body more flexible and his swing more fluid"
".....had a 74-year old client at clubgolf increase his flexibility by 15 percent, his drives by 30 yards and didn't change his swing."

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your free evaluation will provide a glimpse of the clubgolf diagnostics, giving you new insight into your swing and ways that you can improve. you'll find out how balance, flexibility, and coordination affects your golf game...and learn more about getting a program specifically designed to improve your performance on the course.

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clubgolf is offering the perfect gift packages to help your favorite golfer develop a better golf game.  your golfers personalized package can include any of the following clubgolf services:

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  • full-swing golf lesson
  • short-game golf lesson
  • putting golf lesson

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